Barbie Doll Clothes Patterns

"Free Barbie doll patterns"

Looking for Barbie doll clothes patterns? Well here is a sweet summer outfit designed and created by Patsy Conklin just for you. The outfit consists of a wide brimmed sunhat, a halter-top and a mini skirt.

Here are some new items for the Barbie dolls. You know she can never have too many outfits and a little girl would love this little cool summer set.

Barbie doll outfits

These Barbie doll clothes patterns are created for you to use personally and for charity. Hope you enjoy Patsy’s patterns and add them to your collection.

Doll clothes and accessories

We don’t see much created with bedspread crochet cotton anymore and this is the perfect pattern for using up the bit you have in your yarn stash.

Barbie doll clothes patterns

doll clothes supplies

Doll clothes patterns

Halter-top Set for any 11-inch fashion doll

By Patsy Conklin

"This little halter-top was crochet with some thread I had left over from another project. I don’t throw anything away and so I have bits and pieces all over the place."

Materials Used:

Bedspread weights crochet cotton.

Size 8 crochet hook.

Halter Top

Begin by Ch 30

RW 1 In the second stitch sc and in all sc across. Ch 2 and turn.

RW.2. DC in the second st. and all the way across. CH 1 and turn.

(note) From now till the end you will work in the back of the loop)

RW 3. 2 SC in the first ST and sc all the way across till the last st and make 2 sc in the last one. . Ch 2 and turn.

RW 4 DC in the second st. and all the way across. CH 1 and turn.

RW. 5 2 sc in the next st and sc all the way across till the last st and make 2 sc in the last one. . Ch 2 and turn.

Rws. 6-13 repeat rows 2 & 3. Do not turn

CH 1, sc down both the side just to make it nice and neat.

End and cut thread. Connect at the bottom of the other side and sc to the end.

Finishing. Make 4 chains with leaving at least 4 inches of thread.

Tie each chain to a corner and weave in the ends.

Piece should be 1 ½ inches at the top, 3 ¼ inches wide at the bottom 2 inches long

Mini Skirt

This pattern is worked in the back Loop (BL)

Chain 30

Rw 1. SC in the second st from the hook and in the rest of the chain.

Rw 2. DC in all sc . Ch 1 and turn.

Rw 3.Sc across. Ch 2 and turn.

Rw 4. Dc in all stitches (st). Chain 1 and turn.

RW 5. 2 sc in the first st and 1 sc across till the last st. Make 2 sc in last st. CH 2 and tuRn.

RW 6. DC across. CH 1 and turn.

RW 7. Sc in the first sc. Sc in the next 4 sc and 2 in the 5 th sc. SC in the next 18 sc. 2 sc in the next 5 sc. CH 2 and turn.

RW 8-14 . Repeat rows 2 and 3. Cut thread and weave end in.

Sew up the back for 8 rows and sew on a snap and end.

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Wide Brim Hat

Hat is made in rounds. I mark the first of each round with a small bobbie pin.


Ch 3

RND 1. Sc 8 times in the 2 rd st from the hook. Join to the first sc made.

CH. 2 SC 2 times in each sc join to first st.

RND 3 ( Sc in first 2 sc.) 20 sc made.. Join to the first sc.

RND. 4 (SC in the next 2 st, 2 sc in the next st.)

RND 5 (SC in the next 3 , 2 sc in the next sc.)

RND 6 (SC in the next 4 sc, 2 sc in the next sc.)

RND: 7 (SC in each sc.) 26 sc in all.

RND 8-9-10 (SC in each sc.)


RND 1 (CH 3 and sc in the next sc.) HDC in the first loop and mark.

RND 2 ( CH 4 and sc in the marked loop.) HDC in the loop with the marker.

RND 3: (CH 5 and sc in the next loop). CH3 hdc in the marker loop and cut thread.

Weave in the end.

This hat can be left floppy or sprayed with fabric starch for a formal look.

Do check back as we will be adding some more Barbie doll clothes patterns. Please remember these patterns are for your personal use or for charity. Do not sell or distribute the barbie doll clothes patterns unless given permission by the designer.

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