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Patons 139 Barbie doll clothes patterns set, knit unique clothing items for Barbie and Ken. The set comes with patterns for 10 items, creating the possibility for dozens of mix and match outfits.

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Barbie Doll Clothes Patterns

You can create pants, shorts, skirts, jackets and dresses in a variety of colors. If you want to display dolls for holidays, you could make outfits in colors appropriate to the season and add bits of trim like bead or lace when you are done knitting.

fashion doll clothes

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Doll clothes knitting books

Here are the items you receive in the Patons 139 Barbie doll clothes patterns set.

A girl's suit skirt and jacket combo prepares Barbie for a day at the office. Make the cute jacket out of denim colored yarn and add a few embroidery floss fringes for a funky flair.

A girl's hooded jacket makes your doll ready for caroling or skiing.

A girl's long coat in Mary Tyler Moore styling may appear retro, but those coats are making current statements in fashion catalogs. If you are knitting clothing for your favorite little Barbie fan, this coat is sure to be a hit.

Slacks for boys and girls make an evergreen apparel item that can mix and match with existing clothes.

Shorts for boys and girls also make great mix and match items.

If Barbie is going skiing, Ken may want to accompany her. The boy's pullover and toque ensures he stays warm in style while on the slopes.

Ken might want to pack more than one sweater for his ski weekend. You can make a fun striped sweater using scraps from your thread and yarn stash.

Little girls love to dress Barbie up in fine fashions. The dress and stole pattern offers items for dressier affairs. Consider using fashion or novelty yarn for the stole to make the outfit pop.

For a more casual environment, Barbie may want to don a simple sheath dress. Make a small belt out of embroidery floss to give the dress a retro look.

If Barbie is dressing up for a night out, Ken can't escort her in a simple sweater. The boy's jacket pattern provides elegant alternatives for boy dolls.

knitting patterns for doll clothes

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Knitting patterns for doll clothes

You can create fun doll clothes for a variety of uses with this Barbie doll clothes patterns set. If you make doll clothes for a daughter, niece or granddaughter, consider letting her in on the fun. Gather your yarn, patterns and embellishments and let her pick out colors, beads and additional items. You can also turn a regular Barbie into a unique gift item by using patterns to dress the doll up in favorite colors or to look like a friend or family member.

doll clothes knitting books

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