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Free toy crochet patterns Alien Guy

by j. ferrell
(phoenix, az, usa)

Alien Guy toy C2

Alien Guy toy C2

I love creating things out of yarn. I have been doing it for 15 yrs. I am now starting to write my own patterns.

Free toy crochet patterns

I love to share my free toy crochet patterns. You can get this pattern for free yarnyokel. This guy took me about a month to make.

Creating the pattern took even longer. I really don't know where I find the time. But when you love doing something you just do it.


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Thanks so much for the picture. This crochet toy is really cute. Summer is a great time to go through a crochet magazine and finding small projects to make up and today we have the internet to search also.

I see you eventually want to sell patterns and I wish you the best of luck with this. Most everyone would love to start earning money at home with a home business.

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