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"Sweater knitting pattern"

Among these free machine knitting patterns is this wonderful sweater pattern from an older Brother Fashion knitting magazine Vol 1. This is a very basic sleeveless sweater with an easy neckline. But it has a nice Fairisle pattern. Would be a lovely top for summer ware.

Free machine knitting patterns

MACHINES: Standard Machine, electronic or hand selection

MATERIALS: ARGYLL Ferndale. Red and Black. 1 cone in each colour for all sizes. 2 spools of gold lurex.

MEASUREMENTS: To fit bust 81 (86, 91, 97) cm.

TENSION: Fairisle — 32 sts and 36 rows = 10 cm approx T10.

RIB: 2 x 2 T2/2.


With Red cast on 176 (184, 192, 198) sts. Rib 74 rows. Trans to st st and inc 1 st. Set for Fairisle. 000. T 10. With Black and lurex in B, knit 2 repeats of pattern. 48 rows. Reverse colours and knit 48 rows. Rep these 96 rows once more. Knit 2 rows more in same colours. Cast off loosely.


Sew shoulder seams for approx 22 cm, and side seams leaving opening at top, as required, for armholes. Turn in 2 rows at neck and 2 sts at armholes to inside and slip st in place.

Using your latchet tool place 2 pieces of folded cut yarn behind the latch, push the hook through one loop of stitch. Put the 4 ends of yarn into the eye of the hook and pull hook back through the loop. Pull lightly on 4 ends of the yarn to tighten the knot.

knitting diagram

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