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Using Free Knitting Patterns

"Creative business ideas"

Using free knitting patterns, to start with can get you into trouble if you have not checked with the designer. Many do not permit you to use the patterns for profit. Using your knitting machine and those easy and free knitting patterns, can cost you far more than you will make.

Always check copyright. Once you have permission or better yet have developed you own patterns it is time to look for markets. Schools are a agreat place to begin. Make up a few articles like hats or scarves using the school colors and this will open doors for you. I found ski caps and matching scarves in the school colors some of my best sellers. Try the high school near you, take them some of your articles. Schools are a great source of revenue. There are hundreds of students and they all want the “in” flavor of the month.

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Selling my crafts

Idea for starting a home craft business

Go To The Principals Office

And if you have a friend in the school system, all the better. But if not, you will need to make up some samples. Make an appointment with the principal and take these samples in to show him or her.

When you show them your work, explain how you would take your orders. Also be willing to give a percentage of each sale back to the school for whatever program they want. Football, cheer leading and so on.

Plus don’t forget, if you have kids in the school all the better. You have yourself some walking ads.

I made up sweaters and ski caps for a high school using their school colors and a generic design. The only thing different on each item is the person’s name. Each item was personalized and they really loved that.

Selling crafts - Personalized Items

These items are a great hit and I didn’t think the orders would ever stop coming in. So look for free knitting patterns, and start practicing. Soon you will be making them up in no time flat.

These were sold by the set or separately as requested. I used a standard gauge machine with a 24-stitch punch card for the design. The name was completed, by pulling the needles by hand. Not a big deal as it only takes about 15 minutes to complete one of these ski caps on the knitting machine.

If you only have a basic machine with no design capabilities, than get creative with the color placement. And you can still personalize with the name of the person or the school.

Free knitting patterns to Machine Knitting

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