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Knitting n Crochet for
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"Earn extra money at home?"

**Have you always dreamed of a knitting n crochet, home based business?
**Are you always on the look out for ways to earn money with your fiber crafts?
**Are you always searching for help on starting a craft business, so that you can work from home?
**Do you love knitting and crochet as your favorite hobbies?

You will find knitting help

free easy knitting pattern

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are at the right place.

I am going to also share with you how I started my own home-based business many years ago.

This website will also provide you with information on Knitting n Crochet for just enjoying the hobbies.

You might already enjoy both of them for relaxation and fun.

If not, I am including enough lessons so you will learn enough here to get started doing either one or both of these great crafts

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Free crochet and knitting patterns online

I want everyone to to be able to enjoy this website. Therefore, I am including knitting and crocheting instructions for the beginners and plenty of patterns and ideas for the experts.

Here you can find the information on how to start doing Knitting n Crochet for your new hobby. You can find many crochet patterns free on this website and other supplies needed to do these crafts. Make sure to check them out.

These are just some examples of what is included.

For those that want to take these hobbies one step further and make it a business for them, I will also be sharing my experiences. I will tell you how I got started and how I got here today. So read on and I hope you find value in what I share with you.

Free knitting loom patterns

Also you will find information on Loom Knitting and knitting machine patterns for those who have an interest in this area.

Free machine knitting patterns

I loved these hobbies so much and I was fortunate enough to have a home-based business with them. If you wanted to, you could too. I will explain to you exactly how I went about this.

Will I offer a guarantee with how successful your business will be? No, I of course not I can't do that nobody can. I will though, share my experience to help you decide.

For most of my life, I was a homemaker. I did not have a career outside the house. I remained home so that I could raise our kids, and take care of the day-to-day running of the house.

However, at the same time, I still contributed to our household finances. Over 20 years ago, I began my “Little Country Shop” knitting business. As I found appropriate patterns, crochet was also added. This venture has grew and evolved in a number of ways since then.

I did find legit work at home

Now the home based craft business is seeing more opportunities for sales than when I was just starting out. You have a better chance to earn extra money at home today than ever before.

So for any of you that are interested starting a craft business in your Knitting n Crochet hobbies I will share with you what I did and hopefully you will find some helpful information. To take your hobby to the next level, it only takes some knowledge and a lot of desire to learn and work hard. Information here will help you along with your own unique ideas to start your home based craft business.

This legit work at home business takes much less start-up capital than a regular brick-and-mortar shop. The largest investment you will have is that for a knitting machine, if you want to explore this type of knitting. You will already own the various knitting needles, knitting looms, crochet hooks and an assortment of patterns to enable you to start.

On top of this, all you need is a bit of encouragement and ideas from one who has gone before you. As we grow, I would like to share stories, along the way, from other stay-at-home mothers with you.

Our interests can change course at times as we get older and mature. I still adore my hobbies. However, I have decided to phase out the producing as well as the selling.

Now I wish to assist other people in starting a home craft business by sharing my experiences. But this is not only about business information on Knitting n Crochet. It is also about the joy and sharing of these great hobbies.

Typically, we just do not have enough confidence in ourselves to go after our dreams. This means that the needed encouragement is not being given to us.

My Story a home based craft business

Then we doubt ourselves and wonder if we can truly succeed. I want to help you overcome your doubts, whether you are just trying Knitting n Crochet for a hobby, or if you are seeking to start a business with it. However, I do not want to just talk about these crafts in a business way. They are great as enjoyable hobbies. I want to pass my love of them onto others.

What are Your Goals?

Are you looking for a nice, enjoyable hobby?

Do you want a hobby that you can make into a business?

Do you need to supplement your Social Security?

Are you suffering with a disability and need the hobby to occupy your time or to make money?

Are you staying home to raise your children and need extra income?

Have all the kids grown up and moved out? Do you need something to occupy the time they did?

What money can actually be earned through this type of home-based business?

All of us would like to know what the answer is to the last question big time. That is a question only you can answer. It is all up to you. Your success is totally dependent on the time and effort you put into it your own knitting n crochet business. The type of products you make and choose to sell. Also, knowing where to sell them is important. Read on, in case you just want to do these crafts as hobbies.

Now if you just decide to keep Knitting n Crochet as hobbies, this is fine too. They are both so relaxing and fulfilling. When you have a creative urge that needs to be satisfied, these fiber crafts can easily soothe the urge. Also you can use them for gifts with family and friends. You will never be lost for gift ideas again.

Here you can select which information is useful to you, and how it can apply to you. If you truly love these hobbies and are looking for a way to make money with them, then give starting a business a try. But if you are here just to enjoy your gift of knitting n crochet than there is plenty to keep you busy also.

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